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The importance of introducing your puppy to dog grooming

Getting your puppy to a groomers as soon as they are fully vacinated is the best introduction you can give your dogs.

Grooming can be a scary experience for puppies. But the younger they are (we usually recommend from 12 weeks old when they are fully vaccinated) the easier it is for them to get used to the grooming process.

Training your dog to love the groomer is much easier when you start early, it also means your dog will have a much more enjoyable and positive experience throughout their pampers.

What you can do to help get them ready for their first grooming experience!

  1. Frequent brushing and combing – gently brushing and combing can prepare your puppy for the grooming experience, and get them used to some of the tools groomers use.
  2. Play with your puppies paws – playing with your puppy’s paws and stroking their legs will prepare them for the groomer’s handling their legs and paws.
  3. Socialising – the more experiences your puppy has with strangers, the more relaxed they will be when at the groomers.

By doing the above your puppy will have an enjoyable and relaxing groom.